2010 Nellie had great success at Cruft 3rd best bitch in open class of 25  bitches
2014 is her daughter Chelsea's turn to step into the ring at Crufts.
So proud breeder and proud of my offspring



   Int Dogshow "Stockholms Hundmässa 2013" 8.12
 Judge David Ojalvo
 58 notified bulldogs

                Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream 15 months old

  2nd in intermediate class out of 7 with Excellent and CK

                         Multum's Glory Days 9 months old

  3rd place out of 10 in junior class with VG


           Single Breed Open Show
          The Bulldog Of The Year Show 2013
          Inger Björkman Kennel Multum's
           Yvonne Axling Kennel Sandbrook's
           Helena Ström Kennel Viking's
  Ch Ocobo Gob Stoppa, father to Hayden          Ch Kingrock Captain Cook 


 Malmö puppy show 10 november
 Judge Jan Herngren SE

                        Multum's Glory Days

   2nd best female puppy with HP in class 6-9 months

           Winner in siblings class with HP


 Bundessieger & Internationale Ausstellung 11-13 oktober 2013 Dortmund DE
 Judge Jörgen Hindse DK & Boris Spoljaric SL

       Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream

      V2 (Exl) -Anw.Dt.Jug.Ch.VDH        &          V4 (Exl)

      It was Chelsea's second junior CAC.
Of course I'm proud and happy that she is following in her mother's footsteps.
     A big thanks to both judges for the nice criticism on my girl


 Nat Dogshow Öland 8.9
 Judge Svante Frisk SE

   Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream                Multum's Glory Days

   Winner in junior class with Excellent                **BEST PUPPY**


 Danish Bulldog Club Championship Show Görlev 1.9
 Breedjudge Denise Lees GB

     Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream           Multum's Glory Days

Exl opl                        

2nd Best Baby Female with SL


  Int Dogshow Leipzig 25.8
 Judge Kroll

        Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream

       2nd in junior class with Excellent and Anw.Dt.Jug.Ch.VDH (junior cac)


         *** Sandbrook's Beautiful Disaster ***

 Today I received the confirmation for Nellies Latvian Championship.
 She now holds 8 Champion titles Swedish, Finnish, Danish, German, Estonian,
 Latvian, Scandinavian, International.........  
 I can only bow my head in gratitude to own a dog like her



   Int Dogshow Ronneby 11.8
  Breedjudge Brenda Banbury GB

         Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream

2nd best in junior class with Excellent and CK
    3rd Best female with R-CAC

          Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream "Chelsea" (11 months)
                   Qualified for Crufts 2014 


  Danish Bulldog Club Championship Show in Hirtshals 7.7
  Judge Mr John Williams

       Multum's Glory Days              

   2nd best bitch in baby class with very promising


                 Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream

   fourth best junior female with Excellent out of 13


  International Dogshow Latvia Riga 9.6
  Judge Johan Becerra

               Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream 
                                      (photo taken by Gladstone Kennel)
** Best Junior with CAC and Cruft's qualification certificate **
Only 9 1/2 months old.........

                     Sandbrook's Beautiful Disaster


       ** BOS with CACIB and Cruft's Qualifications Certificate **

    I'm over the moon for my beautiful girls who both qualified for Crufts at
   the same show 

  International Dogshow Latvia Riga 8.6
 Judge Ulf Bråthen

               Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream 
                                (Photo taken by Gladstone Kennel)
   2nd in junior class with Excellent and PP

            Multi Champion Sandbrook's Beautiful Disaster  


           ** BOB with CAC and CACIB **

  Nellie was awarded her eighth Champion only 9 1/2 months after she had 
   her litter and I can only
bow my head in reverence for this amazing dog

      A new star has arrived to our kennel !!!!!!

Thanks to my dear friend Inger Björkman Multum's Bulldog
  for letting me have this gorgeous girl.

  Sired by
GBCH Ocobo Gob Stoppa
SEuCH  DKuCH Inspired Kiss for Mystyle



      Bulldoggs meeting at Ribersborg in Malmö 11.5


   We had a wonderful time together. See you all in september

for team Sandbrook's in Germany!!!!

  National Dogshow Oldenburg Germany 5.5
  Judge Wilfreid Peper

          Madison                          Sandbrook's Bark At The Moon
Winner in the Veteran class           Winner in Open class with VDH -CAC

Multi CH Sandbrooks' Beautiful Disaster         Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream

      ** BOB **                   ** BOB puppy **


Both mother and daughter was shortlisted as 1 of 8 dogs in ring of honor*

   A big thanks to the judge for the wonderful critique on all of my 4 dogs


  International Dogshow Malmö 23.3
 Judge Selimovic Jadranka
 11 notified puppies

  Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream

  *** BOS puppy ***


 International Dogshow Malmö 23.3
 Judge Boris Spoljaric
 30 notified bulldogs


 *** BOB veteran with CK***
 I am so proud of my two lovely girls. So fun to show an elderly healthy and  
beautiful bitch and be able to show her granddaughter at the same show


 International Dogshow Strängnäs 10.3
Judge breedspecialist Karin Ögren (Malcom's)

  Sandbrook's Beautiful Disaster                 Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream
Winner in Champion class            *** BOB puppy ***
 and 2nd Best Bitch R-cacib

  "A big thank you to the judge for the wonderful critique on both my girls"

  I am so proud of both my girls and so fun to have mother and daughter
 at the same show.


 Nordskånska Kennelklubbens allbreed puppyshow Hässlehom 3.3
 Judge Mikael Nilsson
  Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream

*** BOB Puppy ***


 Open Dog Show Sturup 2.3
 Judge Ylva Fritzdorf
 Puppy 6-9 months

  Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream

 ***BOB puppy and BIG-4 ***

   International Dog Show Fredericia Denmark 9.2
 Judge Laurent Picard
 37 notified bulldogs

  Sandbrook's Nosuch Danish Dream
       ***BOB in Baby Class ***  


Today is my beautiful Madison 8 years and veteran. A big Hip Hip Hooray for my super healthy and the most beautiful veteran bitch in the world!!