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Hello and welcome to Kennel Sandbrook's


   We follow the Swedish and Danish Kennel Club ground rules in all aspects of our
   dogs and in our breeding. Our Swedish Kennel Club nr 20060367

    From April 2013, I work as SKEB's regional representative for Skåne



 A very nice and serious kennel. Where there are today three very well-run, prosperous, pleasant, happy and social dogs and an 8 weeks puppy breeder shall retain. Very good dog posture of a knowledgeable breeder. Properly written agreement. No dogs are kept in cages. I Have looked at the breeder's contract, welfare and SKK basic rules where no deficiencies exist. The kennel is co-owned together with Anders Axling in Sjöbo. Kennel Sanbrook's is a kennel that makes me happy to visit

                    Joakim Cederhall consultant from The Swedish Kennel Club


   Three generations of females in our kennel. All our dogs we used in breeding
    are exhibited in Sweden and abroad. They are trachea is x-rayed and have an
    approved health certificate
before being used
for breeding.
Dogs that are no
    longer used
for breeding or exhibition live with us as long as they live.
 They will not be relocated, which sadly exists among breeders!

You can find information about our Kennel, our dogs, follow show results, and other news related to our kennel.

We live an active life with our dogs, close to the sea and large forests, where we often take our walks.

That bulldogs just lies on a couch and snoring is a big myth. They are like any other breeds and need exercise and stimulation to feel good.

We have had bulldogs for seven years, and we had our first litter after seven years. During those seven years, I learned so much, that I knew what my perfect Bulldog should be like. My goal is to follow the breed standard and get healthy dogs with good movements. I believe, that being a breeder, is to constantly learn new things about the breed and always have a desire to improve.

Our first bulldog, Rödjebro's Barbro Lindgren "Smulan".
came into our lives with charm and stubbornness that only a bulldog can have